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homogeneous fine crystalline powder, produced from high quality raw material that contains balance Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and wide range of chelated micro nutrients. Complete soluble fertilizer and it's a full range of products to optimize nutrition of different crops under different growth stages..



Method and Rate of Use

Crops Foliar Application
/ 200 Ltr of water
Soil Application
/ 1000 Square Meter
Fruit trees
(grapes, banana, citrus)
150 - 200 gm
3 - 4
Green House
(cucumber, tomato)
150 - 200 gm
1 - 3
(potato, pomegranate)
150 - 200 gm
3 - 4
Wheat and field crop barley
150 - 200 gm
3 - 5
Ornamental Plants
150 - 200 gm
0.5 - 1
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Agriculture matters to
the future of development

  • Can mixed with all water -soluble fertilizers, Can be mixed with pesticides
  • Before preparing a final mixture should make some compatibility tests

  • To protect the safety and quality of the product, it should be stored away from direct sunlight in a well-ventilated place (temperature between +5-25 C0; away from children, pets, food and feed. Be sure to close the package when not in use
  • Empty containers are collected and delivered to specialized incinerators and hazardous waste disposal centers in the country for disposal

  • In case of skin contact, remove contaminated clothes and wash the skin with soap and water profusely
  • In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water, and call a doctor

  • The company guarantees the product in terms of its composition and components .,t e user is responsible for damages resulting from misuse as a result of lack of efficiency

  • All types of packing are available on request
    1Kg / 5Kg / 10Kg / 20Kg / 25Kg

Powder NPK

NPK 13-8-24 + 10% Cao

A fully excellent NPK water-soluble fertilizer contain Nitrogen, Phosphorous, with High Potassium
in addition to Calcium. The addition of

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