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Unique MADA Liquid NPK


MADA BOR is a specialized micronutrient solution designed to provide plants with essential trace elements boron (B) and molybdenum (Mo). These micronutrients are critical for various physiological processes and overall plant health, even though they are required in much smaller amounts compared to macronutrients. Its high boron and molybdenum content ensures that plants receive the essential trace elements they need to thrive and achieve their full potential in terms of growth, flowering, and fruiting..


Boron (B)
Molybdenum (MO)


Method and Rate of Use

Crops ml / 200 L water Period
150 - 250
The presence of sufficient vegetative growth and before flowering
Green Houses
3-4 times during the growth stage
Fruit trees and citrus
200 - 300
Before the flowering stage and during fruit setting
200 - 300
At the beginning of the appearance of clusters, before flowering, and when the grains mature
Peaches, apricots, apples, pears and apples
200 - 300
The flowering stage, the petal fall stage and after harvest
200 - 300
Fruit set In the spring before flowering and during
200 - 300
Before flowering, repeat 2-3
Other crops
200 - 300
In general, 2 to 3 times in period of growth and flowering
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  • Mix with most fertilizers and agricultural chemical products
  • Trial test must applied before mixing Do not mix with oils, copper and high alkaline products

  • Store in a dry, Well-ventilated stores . keep out of reach for children

  • The company ensures the quality of the product in terms of its composition and volume upon arrival. It is the responsibility of the end user to use the product as instructed by the company. Damage or misuse to the product may diminish potential results from application and the end user is ultimately at fault