Suspension NPK

NPK 24-24-18

Our NPK 24-24-18 fertilizer is specifically designed to support vigorous plant growth, enhance overall plant health, and increase crop productivity. With its liquid suspension formulation, our fertilizer offers convenient application, allowing for efficient nutrient absorption by plants through irrigation systems or foliar sprays. We take pride in offering a high-quality fertilizer that delivers consistent and impressive results, helping plants thrive and reach their full potential.


Nitrogen (N)
Phosphorus (P2O5)
Potassium (K2O)
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  • Can be mixed with all water-soluble fertilizers, except those containing calcium and magnesium
  • Can be mixed with pesticides

  • To protect the safety and quality of the product, it should be stored away from direct sunlight in a well-ventilated place (temperature between +5-25 C°; away from children, pets, food and feed. Be sure to close the package when not in use
  • Empty containers are collected and delivered to specialized incinerators and hazardous waste disposal centers in the country for disposal

  • In case of skin contact, remove contaminated clothes and wash the skin with soap and water profusely
  • Case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water, and call a doctor

  • The company ensures the quality of the product in terms of its composition and volume upon arrival. It is the responsibility of the end-user to use the product as instructed by the company. Damage or misuse to the product may diminish potential results from application and the end-user is ultimately at fault


Method and Rate of Use

Crops Soil Application Foliar Application Time of Application
Fruit trees
0.1 - 0.2
50-100 gm/tree
0.5 - 1.5
Possible use during entire crop cycle. Due to lack of Nitrogen even till the end of season
Vegetables (green Houses )
Strawberry (open field)
Carrot, Onion, Potatoes and Tomatoes flowers
0.1 - 0.015
0.3 - 1
0.3 - 0.4
During periods of intensive plant growth and during fruit development stage
Field crops
15 - 20 kg\hectare
0.4 - 0.8
Possible use during entire crop cycle